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Customer Communication Software

The number of external documents is very important for effective and efficient customer communication. For this reason, the use of customer communication management (CCM) software is essential to centralize these documents, improve the customer experience, and build customer loyalty. Such a tool will save you time while significantly improving the productivity of your teams.

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logo google workspace

Google Workspace

A complete suite to improve employee productivity

Designed to take collaboration to the next level, Google Workspace includes everything you need to keep your business running efficiently. You can count on office tools, email addresses, and cloud storage.


20% off the Standard or Plus plan (up to $9,360)
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logo zendesk


Create a customer success support suite that is accessible and available to your customers at all times.

Zendesk allows you to be available on any channel, at any time, to rapidly answer your customers' requests and resolve any problems.

6 months free of both Zendesk Suite and Sales CRM (any edition) + 15% off for 12 months (up to $50,000)
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logo hubspot


CRM, marketing automation & customer service software suite

The HubSpot suite makes it easy to manage your customer throughout their life cycle: web site visit, form completion, phone call and emails exchange, quote signing, support and upsell.


2 deals available - 90% off for 1 year (up to $7,000)
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logo intercom


Strengthen relationships with your customers with an online messaging system.

Intercom helps you easily set-up the right messaging experience, bots, emails, messages or even help centers, to build relationships with your customers throughout their journey.

95% off on the Advanced Intercom features and on the Early Stage Academy (up to $1,132)
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logo engagebay


All-in-one marketing, sales and support software

EngageBay allows you to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from prospect to loyal customer, with a single tool. This, plus all the features you need from contact management to marketing automation, to support.

6 months free on All-in-One Growth Plan (up to $180)
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logo freshdesk


Customer service software to optimize your client communication

Freshdesk's intuitive helpdesk solution helps customer service teams optimize their collaboration, better organize their requests, and provide faster and more targeted responses.

90% off the first year (up to $100,000)
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logo livechat


Customer service and chat software

LiveChat gives you access to easy-to-use applications to contact your website visitors directly through a live chat window, and thus increase your chances of conversion.

$150 credits (Team, Business and Enterprise Plans) (up to $150)
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logo freshchat


A centralized and optimized messaging service

Freshdesk Messaging is the tool that will allow you to optimize your customer service by communicating with your prospects through various messaging channels. The centralization of all your conversations in one inbox, as well as the creation of...

90% off the first year (up to $100,000)
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logo liveagent


Customer support software

With LiveAgent, improve your customer support by offering the ability to respond to more tickets efficiently, and in less time.Communicate with customers across all channels from a single inbox: your customer service team will love this tool.

$120 credits on any plan (up to $120)
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logo salesforce essentials

Salesforce Essentials

CRM software for SMEs

With Salesforce Essentials, get all the basic functionality you need to manage your leads, customers, and transactions. No more, no less. It's a simple, comprehensive CRM tool designed for small businesses that don't have time to delve into...

50% off Annual Subscription (up to $1,500)
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logo aircall


Cloud phone system for businesses

Aircall is a cloud technology solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. It allows you to significantly improve the performance of your sales and support teams.

20% off for 1 year (annual payment) (up to $12,000)
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logo yext


A search platform integrated into the customer journey

Yext provides you with the right information on each channel and for each audience. You can easily integrate advanced search features into your business and offer a unique, personalized, and qualitative customer experience.

$35,000 credits (up to $35,000)
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logo freshcaller


Cloud telephony and call center software

A simple solution to manage all your telephony needs: call center, customer support, sales, daily calls, etc.

90% off the first year (up to $100,000)
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logo snapcall


Boost customer relationships by enabling direct calls from your website.

SnapCall allows your users to call you directly from your app or website. Receive these calls directly on your phone; being in touch with a customer service has never been so easy and fast.

6 months free on Growth plan (up to $532)
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logo callhippo


A virtualized telephone system

The CallHippo platform offers to facilitate the deployment and optimization of your company’s call system. The solution meets the needs of both the after-sales service and the sales teams. Workflow automation, productivity improvements and a...

50% off for 1 year (up to $360)
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logo the saasy people

The SaaSy People

100% UK Based outsourced customer support. Tailored for growing businesses.

Is your support inbox overflowing? Leaving your customers waiting for responses and becoming frustrated? We can help! 

50% off on the annual plan plus an exclusive zero onboarding (up to $10,000)
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logo meetfox


Scheduling and meeting software

MeetFox is the tool that will allow you to efficiently run your business online by proposing and scheduling meetings, hosting them and getting paid, all from a single platform.

50% off any plan for 12 months (up to $210)
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logo vowel


Meeting management platform

The Vowel platform is designed to make your life easier. This software allows remote workers to host, capture, search and share video meetings quickly and easily.

6 months free on the Business plan (up to $1,199)
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logo donedone


Task tracking and shared inbox platform

DoneDone combines project management and customer support in one wonderfully simple app. Your team and your customers can centralize all their needs through DoneDone.

$1,000 in credits (up to 12 months) (up to $1,000)
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logo help scout

Help Scout

Comprehensive customer service platform

The Help Scout platform gives you access to a renowned and efficient online solution for responding to your customers’ requests at any time. Specifically designed for growing businesses, Help Scout allows you to reach your goals and grow with...

6 months free on the Plus plan (up to $300)
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logo twilio


Strengthen your customer relationships thanks to multi-channel communications

Twilio makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers, no matter which channel they use. You get unified data and communications at all levels of your business: marketing, sales, customer service.

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logo dialpad


Startups are hard. Your phone system doesn't have to be.

Dialpad for Startups provides qualified startups with 10 free, lifelong seats of Dialpad Talk (business phone lines) and UberConference (video conferencing). Take advantage of deep discounts on additional lines while video conferencing is always...

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logo cloudtalk


Handle phone conversations in a modern way

CloudTalk is a smart cloud-based contact center solution. With CloudTalk, you can deliver exceptional customer support to your clients. Whether you employ several busy agents or handle phone calls rather rarely, CloudTalk will fully adapt to your...

There is no deal for this product
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logo jivochat


All-in-one business messenger

Jivochat is the tool that will allow you to be present on every platform to talk to your visitors so you never miss out on any opportunity. It will also help improve customer satisfaction.

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logo custify


Customer Success Software for SaaS

Reduce Churn. Retain Customers. Grow Revenue.

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About Customer Communication

What is Customer Communication Management?

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a strategy for better management of customer documents. This approach does not only refer to digital documents, but also to letters or documents in paper format. This is important because not all your customers are equally familiar with the digital world. In addition, there are likely to be many points in your customer journey that retain paper documents. For all these reasons, it is essential to have a global vision of your communication to give your customers a choice and gain efficiency.

Customer communication management software will centralize your efforts. Your employees will be able to create, distribute, store, and access documents quickly, regardless of their department of origin. Indeed, CCM is useful for marketing teams, for the launch of new products, but also for correspondence with your customers or for renewal notices. 

In concrete terms, this indispensable tool for good customer relationship management will centralize and standardize the company’s various documents on paper, mobile, or web. On the one hand, the customer benefits from the necessary information at all times, but this information is also qualitative and personalized.

In summary, the use of customer communication management software allows you to:

- Establish a personalized relationship with your customers

- Maintain quality communication throughout the customer journey

- Standardize your company’s communication and reduce the time it takes to update documents

- Improve your company’s brand image

This makes it much easier for you to achieve your sales targets, as you significantly improve the customer experience. Note that CCM can also allow you to better manage the interactions between your company and distributors, partners, or suppliers.

What is the difference between CCM and CRM?

Although these two types of SaaS software may be confused, they are in fact very different. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows you to centralize and manage prospects and customer relations, but also to monitor sales or manage complaints addressed to customer service. The objective of CRM tools is therefore to collect customer data and analyze the centralized information to improve the customer experience by facilitating the work of employees.

CCM, on the other hand, focuses on document management. Although it also incorporates issues of improving the customer experience, its objective is rather to personalize the messages sent or to ensure a qualitative customer experience, regardless of the channel used by that particular customer. Indeed, it is quite possible that some of your customers prefer a particular channel. This is where customer communication management software comes into its own. It will allow you to personalize the message by addressing each customer in an adapted manner using the channel they prefer and by providing quality information at all times to facilitate their purchase or request for information.

What are the most common tools used in the CCM of a startup?

Like any company, a startup needs to be in full control of its communication. Moreover, improving customer relations and building customer loyalty will require controlled and personalized communication. To do this, several CCM tools exist that can help you outperform the competition.

Quadient Inspire

To improve your customer relationship strategy, the Quadient Inspire platform is a great choice. This software allows you to create and test communication templates across all your channels in a timely manner. A drag-and-drop editor allows you to design impactful, personalized templates that can be stored in the software’s library. In a second step, these documents are integrated into a customer journey map. You can then visualize your communication strategy in a simple and effective way via various dashboards. In addition, sales and marketing staff can add comments or make changes in real time. All these features are essential to keep control of your communication and personalize the customer relationship.

OpenText Exstream

One of the best customer communication management solutions is OpenText Exstream. This tool offers you the opportunity to transform your communication into exceptional customer experiences. It does this by centralizing all the key documents and functions of your CCM strategy. This means that your teams can easily design digital or paper documents directly in the cloud. Even employees without extensive technical knowledge can edit or customize communication content. In addition, the platform offers full integration with leading CRMs such as Salesforce. All of this helps you to improve customer satisfaction by providing tailored communication to your customers.


What better tool to improve customer relations than LiveAgent ? This solution is used by such prestigious names as Forbes, Airbus, and Nascar. LiveAgent will allow you to create relevant content to personalize your communication while drastically reducing costs. You can consolidate the omnichannel experience of your customers by creating relevant documents in a few clicks and distribute them on all communication channels. In addition, the platform unifies all communications in a single interface. Via various dashboards, it is then possible to track key data such as customer engagement, most responsive channels or cost per contact. For efficient document dematerialization or a quality experience across all media, LiveAgent is undoubtedly one of the most effective customer relationship tools.