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Call Centers Software

The telephone is still a preferred communication channel for many customers. Ideal for handling complex enquiries, the telephone call must therefore be at the center of your concerns if you want to improve customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal and manage interactions effectively regardless of call volume, the ideal solution is to opt for call centre software. It will allow you to better handle phone calls and increase efficiency.

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Create a customer success support suite that is accessible and available to your customers at all times.

Zendesk allows you to be available on any channel, at any time, to rapidly answer your customers' requests and resolve any problems.

6 months free of both Zendesk Suite and Sales CRM (any edition) + 15% off for 12 months (up to $50,000)
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CRM, marketing automation & customer service software suite

The HubSpot suite makes it easy to manage your customer throughout their life cycle: web site visit, form completion, phone call and emails exchange, quote signing, support and upsell.


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Customer support software

With LiveAgent, improve your customer support by offering the ability to respond to more tickets efficiently, and in less time.Communicate with customers across all channels from a single inbox: your customer service team will love this tool.

$120 credits on any plan (up to $120)
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Salesforce Essentials

CRM software for SMEs

With Salesforce Essentials, get all the basic functionality you need to manage your leads, customers, and transactions. No more, no less. It's a simple, comprehensive CRM tool designed for small businesses that don't have time to delve into...

50% off Annual Subscription (up to $1,500)
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Cloud phone system for businesses

Aircall is a cloud technology solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. It allows you to significantly improve the performance of your sales and support teams.

20% off for 1 year (annual payment) (up to $12,000)
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logo freshcaller


Cloud telephony and call center software

A simple solution to manage all your telephony needs: call center, customer support, sales, daily calls, etc.

90% off the first year (up to $100,000)
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logo callhippo


A virtualized telephone system

The CallHippo platform offers to facilitate the deployment and optimization of your company’s call system. The solution meets the needs of both the after-sales service and the sales teams. Workflow automation, productivity improvements and a...

50% off for 1 year (up to $360)
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Strengthen your customer relationships thanks to multi-channel communications

Twilio makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers, no matter which channel they use. You get unified data and communications at all levels of your business: marketing, sales, customer service.

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Startups are hard. Your phone system doesn't have to be.

Dialpad for Startups provides qualified startups with 10 free, lifelong seats of Dialpad Talk (business phone lines) and UberConference (video conferencing). Take advantage of deep discounts on additional lines while video conferencing is always...

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logo cloudtalk


Handle phone conversations in a modern way

CloudTalk is a smart cloud-based contact center solution. With CloudTalk, you can deliver exceptional customer support to your clients. Whether you employ several busy agents or handle phone calls rather rarely, CloudTalk will fully adapt to your...

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About Call Centers

What is the best call center software?

To optimize business customer interactions, the use of call center software is essential. However, identifying the best tool can be complex. To help you with your project, we present the best software for creating an efficient customer relations center.


When it comes to customer service, Zendesk is undoubtedly a central software. It ensures a quality omnichannel experience at all times and in all places. Indeed, with Zendesk, your customers can contact you via the different channels. From AI-based bots to customer call management, Zendesk has a solution for everything. Zendesk SaaS software is ideal for centralizing all customer queries. Your employees will be able to access the history of exchanges in a few clicks to provide complete and relevant answers to your customers. Moreover, the integration of many business tools with Zendesk allows you to start using this tool as soon as possible without having to change your work habits.


In a few minutes, LiveAgent allows you to benefit from call center software. With a cloud-based omnichannel solution, it’s the ideal tool for delivering superior customer service to your customers. LiveAgent’s VoIP phone system integrates numerous features such as IVR, callback requests, ACD, and intelligent call routing. The call history is unlimited and the LiveAgent helpdesk is available 24/7, 365 days a year if needed. In addition, LiveAgent is a complete solution that can also be used to manage chats, emails, forums, or social networks directly through the user interface.


To handle a large number of phone calls, CloudTalk is perfectly suited. It is not for nothing that famous companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Fujitsu, Yves Rocher, or DHL have chosen this software solution to improve customer relations by telephone. First of all, your virtual call center can be managed from anywhere in the world. With phone numbers from over 140 countries, CloudTalk is perfect if you want to go global. This cloud-based call center offers quality audio and call tracking and recording to delight your customers. What’s more, CloudTalk can be connected to your business tools in a matter of moments with native integrations with Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

What is call center software?

Call center software is a tool for managing your inbound and outbound calls, as well as your marketing call campaigns. Thus, they are used to centralize calls, to pilot your strategy and to greatly improve the reactivity of customer services or marketing departments.

In addition, given the multiplicity of communication channels, so-called contact center software tools are also being developed to provide a quality omnichannel experience. In addition to telephone calls, these tools also support other communication channels such as chat or email.

How does call center software work?

To maintain optimum efficiency even with a large call flow, the call center software has advanced features.

Firstly, it ensures the routing of calls. In other words, the tool will distribute incoming calls to the most appropriate employees to handle the request. To do this, it can, for example, recognize the customer’s telephone number to ensure that the request is dealt with more quickly.

In addition, calls can also be put on hold before being answered by an operator. Then, when the employee answers the customer, he or she will access the customer’s information and can forward the call if necessary.

Finally, after the call, the call center employee will be able to indicate on the call center software whether the status of the customer ticket is open, closed, or resolved.

Thus, a call platform will allow for better customer relationship management, as waiting times will be reduced and customer support will become more efficient even during peak calls.

How can call center software help small businesses?

Setting up a call center for a small business can be complex. Hiring employees and making significant investments in computers, servers, and phones are all expenses that are difficult for small businesses to afford.

However, to meet the needs of new and existing customers, a call center solution is necessary. Whether it’s to make appointments or provide customer service answers, the telephone is a must.

This is why SaaS-based call center management solutions are the ideal solution for small businesses. They allow you to provide a hotline to make appointments or help customers place orders. This allows you to save on hardware and gain efficiency by centralizing your efforts. In addition, a cloud-based call center is ideal for ensuring flexibility in the event of increased business activity.

Furthermore, if you opt for a call center that is integrated into your company, call center software will also allow you to be more efficient. Indeed, you will be able to better handle customer requests, regardless of the number of phone calls. In addition, your customers will benefit from faster responses thanks to efficient routing.