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IT Software promo code – December 2023

IT Software

IT software is used to facilitate information technology operations. This can include applications IT management software, security software, remote desktop or application monitoring tools.

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logo sentry

Sentry 1 deal available

Error & performance and debugging monitoring for developers.

Sentry is a platform connected to your apps that helps you identify, diagnose, and fix bugs to optimize the performance of your code.

6 months free on the Teams plan (Save $180)
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logo hotjar

Hotjar 1 deal available

Easily improve user experience on your website

Hotjar will allow you to understand the user behavior on your site as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

3 months free on the Business plan (Save $150)
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logo 1password

1Password 1 deal available

The simplest way to secure your passwords

1Password makes it easy to create and store unique passwords. With this tool, your passwords will always be secured, and you'll only need one click to log in to all your accounts.

25% off the Individual plan for 1 year (Save $10)
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logo mypresences

myPresences 1 deal available

Marketing software to build your online presence

myPresences will help you build and strengthen your online presence and brand reputation so that potential customers easily find your business and convert.

$200 Credit on any plan. (Save $200)
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logo asana

Asana 1 deal available

Project management platform

Asana's platform supports you across work management and project planning. The platform allows you to have more visibility in how your daily work is connected to the company's bigger picture, and how to better organize yourself, communicate more...

6 months free on the Advanced plan (Save $2,400)
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logo instatus

Instatus 1 deal available

Real-time status page creation tool

The SaaS software Instatus allows any business to quickly create an attractive and relevant status page. This way, you can keep your customers informed of the status of services in real time.

1 year free on Pro Plan (Save $240)
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logo auth0

Auth0 1 deal available

An online authentication and authorization platform

Auth0 is a platform offering very useful tools to deploy online authentication systems. It allows each user to connect via their login and password in a secure and pleasant way. Retail, financial services, or B2B SaaS, Auth0 adapts to all types of...

Auth0 free for 1 year (Save $2,880)
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logo github

GitHub 1 deal available

Version management platform

The online solution GitHub allows you to store the source code of your IT project. You can thus keep the history of your modifications and share your code with your collaborators, your partners or your customers.

20 seats on the Enterprise plan free for 1 year (Save $7,560)
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logo howuku

Howuku 1 deal available

All-in-one platform to understand your website visitors' behavior

Howuku will help you understand user behavior when on your website, so you can make the right optimizations and increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

50% off for 12 months (Save $600)
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logo lambdatest

LambdaTest 1 deal available

Multi-browser and multi-device testing software

With LambdaTest, developers can test the compliance of their code across over 2000 different browser configurations and operating systems.

30% off any annual subscription plan (Save $568)
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logo cloudflare

Cloudflare 1 deal available

CDN for professionals

The Cloudflare platform offers you a global network designed for the cloud. It secures all the devices you connect to the internet. Your business benefits from a reliable, fast and secure connection.

1 year free on 20+ Cloudflare products (Save $14,000)
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logo freshservice

Freshservice 1 deal available

Intelligent, flexible and intuitive ITSM software

Freshservice's no-code, intuitive and intelligent solution, helps companies of all sizes be more efficient, effective and achieve a better ROI.

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo eversql

EverSQL 1 deal available

Optimize your database and SQL queries

With EverSQL, your SQL queries are on average, 5 times faster. And there's no need to wait, these results are achieved within minutes of starting to use EverSQL.

1 month free of the Basic plan, including 1 hour free database performance consulting (Save $550)
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logo zenduty

Zenduty 1 deal available

Incident response and alert management tool

Zenduty is a powerful online platform that allows you to manage incidents in an optimal way. You minimize downtime, prevent and resolve all incidents that could negatively impact the service, all in record time.

$3,500 in credits (Save $3,500)
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logo sprinto

Sprinto 2 deals available

Security compliance automation platform

The Sprinto solution centralizes all your security compliance needs. Any cloud-hosted enterprise can achieve must-have certifications in record time.

2 deals available - Up to 60% off the annual subscription (Save $6,000)
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logo dotcom-monitor

Dotcom-Monitor 1 deal available

Performance testing solution for websites

Dotcom-Monitor provides detailed, real-time insights into the performance of your website pages, web applications, APIs, and user services.

50% off for 1 year (Save $480)
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logo fraud blocker

Fraud Blocker 1 deal available

Fraud protection platform

Fraud Blocker’s online solution helps you protect your ad campaigns from click fraud. So you can focus on your marketing strategy and improve the performance of your ads.

25% off the Starter and Pro plans for 1 year (Save $207)
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logo s1 technology

S1 Technology 1 deal available

Don't worry, IT's handled

S1 Technology provides a security-first approach to a full range of managed IT services and support for small to mid-sized businesses. With the ideal mix of high-level expertise and quick response, we make sure your tech never gets in the way.

First 2 months of service free (Save $10,000)
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